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The African Agri Council NPC (AAC) believes Africa’s agrifood development must be based on sound economic and business principles to ensure long term sustainability.

As a result, all our programmes and initiatives are built on a solid business foundation, with an understanding that accelerated food and agriculture funding and investment combined with human capital development can usher a new era of African agribusinesses.

Market Support Programme

Market Support Programme (MSP) supports agrifood entrepreneurs with technical, operational and management capability as they aim to reach new markets.

Our goals are: i) Capture and proactively engineer network effects for market access and value chain integration. ii) Manage performance with a pragmatic growth mind-set. iii) Develop.

AFTI Incubation Programme

Agri-Food Tech Innovation (AFTI) is a world class agtech incubator and accelerator initiative created and designed to strengthen technology innovation and commercialization to harness the entrepreneurship of the agrifood technology community.

we combine tech innovation and business fundamentals in agrifood.

Co-op Support Programme

Co-op Support Programme (CSP) is a consulting and training programme developed to strengthen and consolidate the institutional and commercial capacities of farmers’ cooperatives. CSP provides a platform for cooperatives to evolve into performing, resilient and sustainable organizations capable of contributing to agricultural policies and development.

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The African Agri Council NPC (AAC) works closely with key partners to achieve its objectives. AAC partners are diverse and include governments, international financial institutions, the private sector and foundations.

This industry will not achieve its potential if it remains heavily reliant on public sector support. The AAC and its partners contribute to the advancement of this important agenda, and as such work towards expanding and diversifying its resource base in order to implement its support programme.

Become a Sponsor

Africa presents some of the most dynamic markets in the world, however, early stage or start-up businesses or smallholder farmers on the continent are still largely untapped, while investment in global start-up has increased drastically.

The AAC and its sponsors contribute directly to the development of agribusinesses in Africa. Support our mission and the roll out of the Market Support Programme across the continent by sponsoring MSP beneficiaries.

Join our Buyers Network

The African Agri Council NPC (AAC) has established a network of local, regional and international buyers to understand their specific requirements regarding products, labelling, certifications etc, and use this information to guide our beneficiaries in their production processes and product development.

Join our Buyer’s Network and gain direct access to certified supply of various commodities.
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